fuck this shit

fuck life is so fucking STUPID. you make friends that turn around and fuck you over!!! you have family members that are so stupid. ughhh this is fucking redonkulous. idk why you have to be such a dick towards me. idk why LIFE is so fucking stupid. i just want to wake up to a room of fucking nothing. because it would be the same shit as life. i try my best to fucking ” ROUGH ” it out. but its so fucking dumb. then theres this girl right. i liked her for a while right, we were txting and shit then BAMMMMMM. its like fucking nothing. what the fuck. FUCK YOU THEN BITCH. i just fucking hate your ass so much. i dont even know why i fucking liked you. fuck you and you know who you are. and then heres your friend your trying to help. but they just keep doing shit to get themselves into trouble. WTF!!! why the fuck do i even try. it so retarded. honestly!!! why do you do those things. we tell you dont but you do it anyways. we’re only looking out for you. were just being friends. BECAUSE THATS WHAT FRIENDS DO!!! help you out with shit. how could you be a friend when you dont even take in what we tell you. fucking numd nuts!!! ughhhh. want to know what even makes me so mad!!! i tell you that i want to see you. and im trying to do my best to go. but then you fucking give me this BS about how i never want to see you and shit. that i’ve never even put effort. FUCK YOU TO THEN BITCH!!! fuck life. im out. i QUIT this shit. its to fucking DUMB!!!!! why do i even try if shit aint going to go my way??? FML!!! so stupid. and the most fucking stupid thing i hate the FUCKING most!!!! i fucking tell you that your someone that i care about. and how you are a really great friend. and then you go on ahead and say you HATE ME?!?!?!?! WTF!!! hate is a super strong ass word. why the fuck you like that. i didnt even do anything to you. well maybe you like me. and when i did like you YOU SHOT ME DOWN!!! remeber that shit. now how does it feel to wait for something that you want but its taking to DAMN long! merry christmas thats your gift. thanks alot there ” BUD ” i really did like you. but then you say you hate me. AND YOU EXPECT ME TO STILL LIKE YOU?!?!?!? WTF ever. nice try. that shit aint going to happen. thats just PLAIN ASS STUPPPPIIIIDDDDD!!! ughhhh. im fucking done with this stupid post. fuck life BITCHESSSS!!!!

" LG, lifes good…..yea WTF EVER!!! "